Hop Picking at the Dumbleton


Hop picking and hopfields are usually associated with the South East of England,

especially the county of Kent, and there have been myriads of articles and

publications on the subject, ranging from personal recollections, all the way up to

academic theses at Doctorate level

My contribution is an anecdotal description of recollections as a youngster,

not of the hopfields of Kent but 200 miles farther north, in the small village of

Eardiston in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside




   1  Eardiston Village                                         5  Local Farmhands


          2  The Eardiston Estate                                    6  Weekend Visitors    


 3  Hop Pickers Accommodation                      7  A Wartime Reminder


           4  Picking the Hops                                              8  Going Home


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